Phillips 66® Gear Oil GP is a high-quality, highly compounded, non-EP gear lubricant developed for the lubrication of heavily loaded worm gear drives operating at low to medium speeds and moderate to high temperatures. It is particularly recommended for use in worm gear swing drives on bucket trucks and other mobile equipment.

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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent lubricity for protection of sliding surfaces against scuffing
  • High load-carrying capacity
  • High film strength
  • Emulsifies with water to resist washing
  • Good oxidation resistance and thermal stability
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Non-corrosive to bronze or brass


  • Worm gear drives for winches, telescoping booms, digger derricks and electric utility bucket trucks
  • Industrial worm gear drives made with non-ferrous alloys (bronze-on-steel, bronze/aluminum alloy-on-steel)
  • Heavily loaded, low-speed bearings subject to moisture contamination
  • Differentials on classic and antique vehicles that require an API GL-2 quality gear oil

Technical Details

  • ISO Grade: 460
  • Licenses & Approvals


    Additional Details

    ISO Grade 460
    AGMA Grade 7 Comp
    Specific Gravity @ 60°F 0.901
    Density, lbs/gal @ 60°F 7.5
    Color, ASTM D1500 4.5
    Flash Point (COC), °C (°F) 152 (305)
    Pour Point, °C (°F) -27 (-17)
    cSt @ 40°C 460
    cSt @ 100°C 30.5
    SUS @ 100°F 2466
    SUS @ 210°F 150
    Viscosity Index 95
    Acid Number, ASTM D974, mg KOH/g 1.12
    Copper Corrosion, ASTM D130 1a
    Foam Test, ASTM D892, Seq. I, mL 10/0
    Four-Ball EP, ASTM D2783, Weld Load, kgf 400
    Four-Ball Wear, ASTM D4172, Scar Diameter, mm 0.61
    Rust Test, ASTM D665 A&B Pass
    Timken OK Load, ASTM D2782, lb 65
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