Houston, Texas—Phillips 66® Lubricants has formulated a new oil, Phillips 66 El Mar LF-D GEO, to help solve a unique set of challenges caused by the corrosive compounds and contaminants that gas engines encounter during the process of converting landfill methane to energy.

According to the EPA, municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States, accounting for approximately 15.4 percent of these emissions in 2015[1]. Landfill gas is produced during the decomposition of organic matter, volatilization, and chemical reactions in MSW.

When landfill gas is captured and used as an energy source, it helps prevent methane gas from going into the atmosphere and contributing to greenhouse gas and global climate change.

The process to convert landfill gas to energy requires complex equipment including gas-extraction equipment, natural gas fired engines and generators. Phillips 66 is proud to offer a product that will keep the gas engines in this process running smoothly.

Phillips 66 El Mar LF-D (landfill-digester) gas engine oil (GEO) is a premium quality, next-generation, low-ash, gas engine oil designed for landfill gas applications. The oil is especially effective in controlling silica deposits formed during the combustion of siloxane gases found in many landfills.

“Silica deposits cause major problems in these engines, resulting in increased downtime to clean the engines,” said Tony Negri, commercial product manager. “Using an ineffective oil in these machines means workers have to take the machinery offline to recondition the cylinder heads and liners. With the new El Mar product, silica deposits are minimized because the silica stays dispersed in the oil rather than depositing on parts.” The right oil results in reduced oil consumption, enhances wear protection, extends overhaul intervals and reduces downtime—which increases power generation and lowers operating costs.

Product Details

El Mar LF-D GEO is formulated with high-quality Group II base stocks and the newest high dispersant additive technology developed to meet the rigorous lubrication demands of natural gas engines operating on landfill or digester fuel.

The low ash content protects catalysts and all exhaust after-treatment hardware, provides outstanding resistance to oil oxidation and nitration, and has a well-balanced alkaline reserve (TBN) to neutralize acids over long service intervals. It protects against ring and liner wear and minimizes the formation of silica deposits on cylinder heads and liners. The additive package is zinc and phenate free for use in landfill applications.

El Mar LF-D GEO is recommended for use in natural gas engines manufactured by Caterpillar, GE Jenbacher, Wartsila, and Waukesha.


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